Are you looking for a stress free way to purchase your children’s stationery for 2021? Look no further.

We are a registered supplier of Croxley, Staedtler, Bic, Trefoil and Marlin therefore making us a competitive contender in the market.  We compile the stationery pack according to the list you provide us with. Once you provide us with the list we will compile a quotation.

If there are items on the list that you already have , you can mark it off the list before sending it to us to quote.

As part of our stationery pack we provide labels for each item as well as book covering so that parents don’t need to worry about books being damaged or stationery lost. 

Due to COVID and the difficult times many are facing at the moment, to ease the financial burden of school stationery, we provide a payment plan. You can pay for the stationery in 2 payments. The first payment will be at the end of November and the final payment in December before the pack is delivered.

Advantages of purchasing ready-made stationery packs with LTMC:

  • Parents and teacher have peace of mind that the learner will have all stationery required to fulfil a full day of schoolwork. 
  • All learners have the same stationery.
  • It is cost effective and of highest quality as we get it straight from the South African distributors. 
  • It saves time and the hassle of running around to different shops trying to get everything required on the list. 
  • All items are labelled and books are covered for the parents convenience. 


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